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Glass Bear Coffee Mugs 8 Oz

Glass Bear Coffee Mugs 8 Oz

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All double-walled thermo glasses are mouth-blown and handmade.
Our mouth-blown thermo glasses are handmade, heat-resistant, scratch-resistant and dishwasher-safe.

The thermal glass is stylish and functional at the same time - the mouth-blown double-walled glass with its excellent insulating properties makes it possible!
Heat-resistant borosilicate glass is used in the production process. It is light and filigree, yet robust enough to meet the high demands of everyday usage.
Thanks to the insulating effect made possible by the air between the layers of glass, hot drinks such as coffee or tea stay hot longer and cold drinks stay cold longer.
In addition, the double-walled glass ensures that the outer glass is always at a constant temperature, so that even possible burning of fingers is a thing of the past. Another effect: no annoying condensation water, thus no annoying edges on the table when enjoying cold drinks.
In the production process, two glass balloons are blown into shape, brought together, deburred, fired and cooled down again. This creates a small hole at the bottom of the glass. At the end of production, this is closed with a special adhesive and cured under UV light. This seal subsequently serves as an overpressure membrane and regulates the pressure equalisation when the air in the double wall is heated and expands.
All double wall glasses are unique due to the manual production and can differ slightly in shape and size.

Double wall insulated glass mugs
Height: 3.54 inch
Top dia: 3.35 inch
Bottom dia: 2.95 inch
Capacity:250ml/ 8oz

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